Monday, 23 June 2014

Social Communities Benefit Businesses

Creating online communities for customers and employees has become a trend nowadays. Organizations are transforming their businesses to a digital model. Whether they are in IT space, retail, real estate or any other field, they are building online communities to organize people and accomplish work in a highly collaborative and effective way.

Going digital is unraveling a vast variety of opportunities and a wider spectrum of business for organizations. This social phenomenon has changed the outlook of businesses in the past few years as millions of people worldwide have joined online communities. These online communities have evolved in the last few years and their stupendous growth leads to the fact that they bring speed, scale and economics of the Internet to social interactions.

The World Internet User statistics states, that there are currently 2,400,000,000 Internet users on the worldwide web, which is nearly about 34% of the global population, using their preferred online community portal. This has brought in numerous business opportunities for organizations. Social media platforms offer an added channel to market products and services in a friendly and informal way. Companies are making themselves available through social media platforms, reaching out to customers and sharing content. This helps in creating visibility for one’s brand, highlight one’s offerings and attract potential new clients.

Viburnix, an effective community building software is the most widely used community building platform today. It includes numerous user friendly features such as knowledge base repository, business exchange strategies, polls, blogs, email, newsletters and so much more.

This cloud based, innovative product provides a one-stop solution which enables an organization to not only
build vibrant communities but also ensures real time communication between the members and the organization.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Significance of having a vibrant community

The environmental protection agencies in the US actively support various environmental friendly initiatives. One such initiative is land revitalization which is done in different stages. The environmental protection agencies collaborate with other government and private agencies for the process of land revitalization. It takes various activities to advocate remediation and redevelopment of land, such as sharing best practices with the employees of different agencies, assessment activities of land or properties in neighborhoods, building communities for the purpose and collaborating with other communities.

Building a vibrant community for this purpose is the main step towards it. A vibrant community is the one which suggests a right approach for the individuals, organizations, thought leaders to connect and   work together for the cause in question. It provides resources and tools to propagate the idea on a wider spectrum. Propagating the concept of land revitalization requires building one such vibrant community to address the growing challenges of cleaning up and preservation of lands.

Benefits of land revitalization community

  • Raising funds for different initiatives for land revitalization
  • Starting different educational programs to advocate the idea of land revitalization
  • Starting blogs, discussion boards and forums on important topics related to the cause
  • Propagating the success stories of redevelopment and preservation of land or properties
  • Measuring and evaluating progress of its cleanup programs, analyzing non-regulatory benefits, and conducing analyses of priorities and policies
  • Promoting cross program coordination on land conservation, clean-up of contaminated land and reusing it for creation of public parks, wetlands and for other establishments.

Saviance, a community software vendor has created Viburnix, a unique community portal that helps organizations or agencies across the globe to build vibrant communities for different issues and concerns. It engages its members effectively and offers potential opportunities to create more vibrant, healthy, safe, and sustainable communities.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Building an Online Community for Aspiring Photographers

If you’re an established photographer or aspiring to be one, building an online community with other photographers is important for you to get your work noticed and build your name in the photo world.
 A photo community, simply put,  isa big social network of photographers online as well as offline, where photographers  from different fields of photography come together on a same platform, share their masterpieces, inspire each other, and give insights on the technicalities of photography and other aspects of it.

Before starting a photo community for aspiring photogs, it is important to understand the fundamentals of building a community and making connect with people in that space especially some renowned names.

For starting an online community and making your presence felt, Viburnix, an online community portal will help you to get there. You can learn more about Viburnix at But before building a successful community with Viburnix, one should take care of following few things before taking the leap.

Do some research and make good contacts- The first important step to start a community is to research of what kind of photo community you want to build and with what kinds of photographers . Search for some good names in this space and try to connect with them.

Get your inspiration-Get your inspiration from other websites and folks who create work and have made a strong online presence for their websites.

Focus on quality not quantity- Try to connect with some successful personalities who have really made big in photo world rather than just connecting anyone. Focus should be on the right people with high caliber.
Support members and focus on your community- Give a helping hand to promote the work of aspiring photogs through blogs, discussion boards, forums etc.  Leave genuine, attentive, supportive comments. Help people spread the word about their projects and exhibitions. If you’re a supportive towards the members of the community it will build a great community as a whole.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

How Portals are transforming healthcare

Health information technology (IT) plays a critical role in supporting new models of care and payment that are designed to achieve meaningful use of health care objectives such as improving health, improving experience of care for patients and families, and reduce the cost of care. Despite the introduction of IT to nearly every other arena of modern life, the U.S. health care system remains largely paper-based, which is inflicting many challenges on it. Digitizing these paper records requires implementing Healthcare IT solutions which not only improves the quality of healthcare but also increases the productivity of healthcare providers.
The universal healthcare initiatives are being taken across the globe to address the health care conditions worldwide. One such initiative is building online portals, organizations in healthcare industry and medical institutions are creating online portals to advocate the idea of improving the standard and the quality of healthcare solutions. Through these portals, these organizations aim to start online communities and networks of like-minded people with same areas of interests.

Viburnix a user friendly portal provides comprehensive web portal solutions to various organizations in healthcare and medical institutions that are willing to start a network in this regard. It is a robust alumni portal which collaborates with the leaders and experts from many sectors of healthcare. It is an effective way of alumni engagement where the members can share their valuable insights through discussion boards, seminar and group discussions.

Viburnix believes in the power of collaboration. By collaborating people related to healthcare industry, it aims to bring fruitful insight for the betterment of healthcare system and pinpoint the opportunities to improve productivity.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Building Online Community for your Business

An online community is a powerful tool for driving revenue, building brand loyalty, and creating an audience for your products and services. But to get a successful online community, the most important aspect is community engagement. One should know how to harness the power of social media and provide compelling content to its users. Creating online communities of customers or alumni is one of the main topics in business and technology nowadays.  Online communities are rapidly becoming a popular way to organize people and accomplish work in a highly collaborative manner.

 Online business communities don’t just become successful by themselves. They’re the outcome of a carefully designed plan, user friendly interface, and member engagement. Though it seems like putting a lot of effort in building an online community for your business, the benefits it reaps in time to build a strong brand make the efforts worthwhile.

It is important to understand that communities aren't just for providing best alumni features or socializing but for getting productive things done. Designing an effective community which can add value to your brand is something which should be kept in mind.

Viburnix, an online community software provides an array of features through which organizations can build successful online communities to promote their businesses in an effective way. It helps in attracting the right audience to your community by providing quality content and resources on the portal about your products or services. This in turn improves processes, adds equity and value to your business. Discussions, forums and engaging interactions on Viburnix help you to identify your goals and put a solid purpose behind your efforts. Viburnix provides various productive features like brand building, event management, social and professional collaboration and so much more which make your online community a big success.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

How to start an alumni community?

Are you interested in starting an alumni community? Well, starting or creating an alumni community is not difficult but managing such community where members are equally knowledgeable and experienced is really challenging. Alumni management is as important as starting an alumni community for your organization. But the question is why and how to start an alumni association.

For starting a successful alumni association, it is important for organizations to have a clear vision and purpose as to why they want to have one. Generally, organizations want to start an alumni community for the purpose of nurturing the spirit of loyalty among the members, their professional development and to strengthen ties with the alumni for future business objectives. An alumni association supports organization to achieve intangible aspects of business and strengthen relationship among alumni, the community and the organization.

There are some basics steps which should be followed while starting an alumni community:

  • Form a group of like-minded alums- for that you have to informally meet with alums to obtain names and directly ask for their interest in participating in the association.
  • Communicating with the interested alumni, inviting them to join the community and requesting them to spread the word among their contacts.
  • Getting organized by preparing By-Laws for the steady progression of the community.
  • Arranging finances for a newly built community- it is sometimes difficult to arrange finances but there are several ways through which it can be done, like collection of dues/donations, annual membership fees, capital fund raising campaigns, and others.
  • Engaging members through various activities like, blogs, forums, newsletters, events, meetings etc.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Community Software Vendors providing value to business

A software vendor is a company that makes and sells software products designed for a specific or niche market. Such markets may be diverse, including software for real estate brokers, healthcare personnel and so on. Similarly, the vendors that make and sell software for building online community are called community software vendor. These software vendors provide community software to the organizations that want to build an online community, be it for corporate alumni, consumers, vendors, etc. to deliver value to their business, keep the members engaged and integrate with membership management database, events system, and website.

How can community software help organizations to increase revenue?
Community software is one of the most active sectors in the tech industry. Large companies are depending on these community vendors to provide them with robust community software that best suit the requirements of the business, the culture of their organization and can generate significant revenue through various functions:

  1. Physical Product Sales : Selling books, education class, industry-related material, magazines, and items branded with company’s logo by associations and user groups which are then shipped from the organization to the members.
  2. Virtual Products Sales : Boost profits with high margins by selling recorded webinars, audio training, electronic documents or online tools. With virtual products, members and customers will use the familiar shopping cart process while enjoying immediate access to what they purchased. 
  3. Membership Dues : Online community software can handle all the membership management dues allowing staff to use a single system to handle member engagement tasks and back-end membership procedures.